How Can Ceos Maintain a Good Relationship With Board Members?

Good communication is the key to every healthy relationship—including professional ones. In a corporate setting, CEOs and a board of directors influence the company’s direction. Mostly comprised of investors and advisers, the board can help a company improve and achieve more. As the person who stands in front of these people, how can CEOs maintain a good relationship with board members?

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Inform them about the important things happening in the company.

There are about a thousand matters to take care of in a company. However, board members are expected to come up with strategies for improvement. For them to bring their best ideas to the table they should know the good and bad situations. CEOs must be bold and provide the context behind these situations to show trust in the board.

Be open and ready for feedback.

Most of the time, there’s an unspoken gap between board members and CEOs. Board members know that they’re not always with the company anyway so some of them assume the role of a spectator. Some CEOs, on the other hand, wouldn’t burden the board with the nitty-gritty of things in the office. To fully engage the board, CEOs must be willing to hear their feedback. They should also allow board members to explore the company further so that they may understand the perspective and what is truly happening when they offer their expert advice.

Affirm their role in the company.

When people know that the company values them, they become a part of the solution. This is also true for board members who might be handling other companies or are part of another company’s board as well. When they know that their expertise and strategies are valued, they continue to be loyal and invested in it. CEOs must show appreciation for the board even through simple ways so that they would know their time with the company is time well spent.

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Different companies have different setups for their board of directors. However, there’s no denying that having a good CEO-board dynamic in the office helps in its progress.

Luis Manuel Ramirez is an expert in operations and the resolution of manpower issues. He is always interested in connecting with like-minded executives to create winning solutions. To learn more about Luis Manuel Ramirez and his work, visit this page.


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