General management: What it takes to be a leader

A lot of people, especially those in leadership positions, believe that being loved by their subordinates means they are great leaders. If all the people in their team or department are happy, they’re great leaders. Some people in management, though, prefer to be feared, because that’s what they think true leadership is. However, these supervisors and managers are missing the point. Leadership is not about their subordinates’ perception of them. Well, not entirely.

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Great leaders know how to strike a balance between their responsibility to the job assigned to them, and how they can motivate the members of their team to accomplish it. True leaders are very business-like towards work. To them it is always more professional than personal. They are more determined than the ordinary employee, thus their ability to work longer hours.

How their subordinates feel towards them is of little importance compared to how their subordinates feel towards the work they are assigned. As such, true leaders lead by example. Whether intentional or not, they inspire their teams and departments to do better.

Most of the time, leaders are thrust into situations with many moving parts wherein they may have to adapt. The great ones can adapt pretty well since they are open to change, and they never stop learning.

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Luis Manuel Ramirez’s passions lie in leadership, business, and technology. For more on him and the work he does, visit this page.


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